Monday, July 19, 2010

Girls Girls Girls

So I really dont understand some people! I gave him head months and months ago before I even met Adam. Him and his girl was broken up she was trying to F@#$ someone else and even told me to go for it. She wanted him out of her hair. I have a witness to it all. But now someone decided to run their mouth and start shit. As I was getting ready last night to go hang with friends I get a txt asking if I did that. She wont tell me who told her but Ill find out soooner then later. Now this girl wants to fight me and shit I told her Im not gonna do it but Im a pussy. She says she dont want drama but look at what she is doing! She is also posting shit about me on her page for real grow up you have two kids we dont have time for you to act like a kid. So idk anymore Im ready to move because I have better things to worry about then this right here.

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