Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Because Im Military Spouse?!?!?

I get this feeling like Im marrying into the military that now no one from my home state wants to hang?!?!? Its like its not convient for them. Im still here I like to go out and do things too. It does get boring just sitting at home. I do get lonley often. I need for a friend. I need for someone to call or txt me and ask me to do some fun wild things to. Does no one want to hang out because Im getting married? Is this how this new life will work for me? Will I only have my military friends after I say "I do"? So many qouestions and no answers. This is how I am feeling right now and its like if I say this to my friends they will get mad at me for stating how I feel. I hate crying it gets old. I feel so left out. WTH is wrong with me?

Im told well when you move back to Tennessee then we can hang out and it will be convient for you. WTH Im in Indiana 20 minutes from you? How is this not convient now for you? I dont know maybe Im a cry baby but still I have feelings and this is how I am feeling now. I just want people to think about me right now and include me in cool things. Im only human what else can I say about that. Hell who knows.


  1. Well, I do not know any married person who can honestly say that getting married did not ruin a lot of their friendships. It's not that they didn't want you to get married or who you married or anything like that. It's when a woman or man gets married their priorities in life change, at least they used to. Originally a marriage meant settling down, having children making a life together and giving up what you have apart. Women didn't get to go out and party on weekends. Their place was in the husband's home either pregnant tending to his laundry, in his bed trying to get pregnant, or tending to the bundle of children they have. Granted, people have evolved from that way of life. It still takes some getting used to for single friends.... You aren't just getting married. You are combining your life with someone else's and it doesn't just effect you and your spouse, it does effect your friends and family, because you are no longer one person. You are a couple. It has nothing to do with being military. All my civilian friends have this issue their first year of marriage as well

  2. one, i can't see your comments b/c of the color of the words

    two... for me, it wasn't the marrying into the military that did it, b/c all my friends new my husband before we got married since we had been together since high school... it was the distance that was put between us with each PCS...

    three... i have one friend from back "home" who has stayed true through it all, and really that's all i need...if others are gonna ditch me b/c i move, or have kids, or get married, they weren't my true friends to begin with...